What Is the Best Way to Waterproof a Flat Roof?

A Roofer Applies Flat Roof Coating.

What is the best way to waterproof a flat roof?

A significant portion of commercial buildings have flat roofs. While flat roofs are technically not completely flat—there’s a slight slope—they do have problems with drainage. In many cases, depending on the type of roofing material, water can collect in certain spots over the roof, and this water is hard to clear off. Eventually, however, ponding will lead to leaks. Because of this problem, building managers need to find a way to waterproof flat roofs. One of the surest ways to waterproof a flat roof is to add a flat roof coating. Roof coatings form a seamless barrier over the roof that prevents water from ponding and seals up any small leaks that are already present. If you want to waterproof your roof with flat roof coatings in Houston, TX, you can always rely on the team at Andy Nichols Roofing for fast, effective service. You can find out more or schedule a service by calling 281-300-4363.

What is the best coating for a flat roof?

When it comes to flat roof coatings, what type of coating you choose will often depend on your particular roof and roofing material. But, many building managers find that silicone roof coatings are often one of the most reliable choices for coatings. You may ask, “Is silicone roof coating worth it?” Silicone coatings are long-lasting and a fresh coating won’t need to be reapplied for 10 to 15 years. These coatings don’t have the problem of chalking or wearing away like other coatings do, and will remain intact throughout their lifespan. One of the main reasons people add roof coatings to their roofs is for waterproofing purposes. Silicone coatings are very effective as a waterproofing solution, especially when it comes to preventing ponding, or water collecting on the roof. These coatings are not water-based, so they do not absorb moisture.

How do you apply flat roof coating?

Flat roof coatings are actually fairly easy to apply and one of the least disruptive of roofing services. You won’t, for instance, have to disrupt business operations for the application. The process for flat roof application includes:

  • The roof is washed and cleaned. All debris needs to be cleared and the roof surface pressure washed.
  • Make any repairs that are needed. While coatings can seal over small leaks, it’s best to make minor repairs because coating over a damaged area can affect the coating’s lifespan.
  • Make sure you have clear, sunny, and moderately dry weather in the forecast for about two days, as the coating process takes about two days to complete.
  • The coating is applied. It’s preferable to put on at least two coats.

How often should you coat a flat roof?

How often you have flat roof coatings applied will normally depend on the type of coating used. Some coatings like silicone can last as long as 15 years before a new coating needs to be applied. Even as durable as these coatings might be, coatings are susceptible to wear and tear, and most professionals recommend that you reapply the coating about every five years. 

Flat roof coating for ponding water

One of the most common problems building managers face with flat roofs is ponding, where water collects in various areas on the roof because of poor drainage. Ponding is also one of the chief reasons people get flat roof coatings, in particular, silicone coatings because silicone does not absorb water. But, before you have a roof coating applied to your flat roof, you will want to have the roof inspected because ponding sometimes occurs when water damages the roof’s substrate. This damage will need to be repaired before the coating is applied, otherwise, the coating could actually cause more problems if moisture gets trapped under the coating. 

Does roof coating stop leaks?

Flat roof coatings are valued because they help prevent leaks. They form a seamless barrier over the roof that helps manage the roof’s drainage. If you have leaks, especially major leaks, before you have the coating applied, you will want to get those leaks repaired. The coatings are good for sealing up small leaks, but not larger ones. Once coatings are applied, however, you’ll have fewer worries with leaks.

Flat roof coating colors

Typically, flat roof coatings are white or lighter colors like yellow or tan. The lighter colors are normally preferred because they are much more energy efficient. However, depending on the manufacturer, you can get roof coatings in darker colors including blue, black, brown, or even red.

A Contractor Applies a Roof Coating.

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If you want to protect your flat roof from leaks and problems with ponding and want to install flat roof coatings in Houston, TX, rely on the experienced professionals at Andy Nichols Roofing. We offer a complete range of roofing solutions to meet any of your roofing needs. Find out more about how we can help you or schedule a service appointment by calling 281-300-4363.