What is stone coated roofing tiles?

stone coated steel roof

What is a stone coated steel roof? 

In the year’s past, when you thought of metal roofing, it would be that old barn in your grandparent’s pasture, all bent and rusted. Then we started seeing metal roofing on commercial structures, before long, they are showing up on homes in the city and urban areas. Yet, they were still just metal roofs, until they started coming in different colors and now, we have stone coated steel roofs, bringing a whole new design factor to the game. 

A stone coated steel roof has combined the strength of metal with shake, shingle, or tile roof appearance and we have a new design feature that custom home builders and commercial structure designers are clamoring after. Instead of the typical asphalt shingle roofing what needs replacing in 20 years or less, this stone coated steel roof is virtually a lifetime roof that will always look great. 

A stone coated steel roof is exactly what it sounds like. The stone coated metal roof details starts with rolled steel sheets in a 24- or 26-gauge and is coated with a rust-prevention coating. Then a coating of stone chips are applied, secured by an acrylic film to the steel roofing material. The results are an aesthetic pleasing, durable roof that is going to be popping up on new and existing commercial and residential properties more in the next few years. 

Are steel roofs better than shingles?             

Both asphalt shingles and stone coated steel roofing offer a variety of looks, the choice should be based on longevity of the material.  An asphalt roof will last maybe 20 years, depending the quality of the shingle you choose. A stone coated steel roof will cost you more up front, but the longevity is forever. 

What are the pros and cons of a metal roof?

Like all roofing materials, stone coated steel roof material has its pros and cons. It is the owner of the commercial structure or residence to determine if the pros of stone coated roof outweighs the expense. We’ll review the cons first and whatever stone coated steel roofing problems you can expect: 

The Cons of a Stone Coated Steel Roof

  • Upfront Expense: A stone coated steel roof is not going to be cheap. Know that now and be prepared for sticker shock. Know your maximum budget ahead of time and keep reading to find out why you should find that extra funding to have this roof material installed. 
  • Noise: Hail and rain can be loud in a metal roofed structure, including a stone coated steel roof. This can be minimized greatly during installation though; ask the roofing contractor you’re working with about installing a roof deck of solid sheathing to provide a barrier that will deaden the loud noise. If you haven’t installed and updated the insulation in your attic yet, while having a stone coated steel roof installed, now is the time to get that insulation to help quieten the loud noise. 

Well, that is it for the cons! Now for the Pros of a Stone Coated Steel Roof

  • Long Lifespan: Steel roofing is known to have a long life span, up to 70 years or longer, when installed properly and maintained over time. Your common asphalt shingle roof may give you 20 years maximum.  Yes, a stone coated steel roof is going to cost more than an asphalt roof, but you’ll never have to worry with replacing the roof again. 
  • Durable: A stone coated steel roof will withstand whatever Mother Nature sends, from hail, strong rains, and high winds, because it is a heavy material, it isn’t going anywhere easily! 
  • Minimal Maintenance: Asphalt roofing material should be inspected on a regular routine to keep any small issues under control and repaired before becoming big problems. A stone coated steel roof is virtually maintenance free. The thick shield it gives your home or commercial structure will keep it safe in all types of weather conditions, eliminating most repair costs that traditional roofing is known to have after hailstorms and windstorms.
  • Versatile Aesthetic Pleasing: Stone coated steel roof is not only functional for the essential purpose of a roof but provides a beautiful style too. A stone coated steel roof comes in a wide range of colors, designs, and textures making it easy to find the right one for your home or commercial structure.
  • Energy Efficient: Rumor would leave you to believe that having a steel roof will make your home or commercial structure hot inside during the summer. This is a rumor and misconception! A stone coated steel roof will reflect the heat and UV rays, lowering your energy expenses. 

 What is the best gauge for a metal roof?

For residential stone coated steel roof, the 29 gauge is most recommended.  It is the heavy to withstand weather but not so heavy that special engineering is required for structural support. If your home is located in an area where hailstorms are prevalent, a 24 gauge is recommended. 

For commercial structure , 12 gauge and 14 gauge are excellent options with the 14 gauge the lighter and more economical choice. Again, if located in a hailstorm prone area, the 14 gauge would be the better choice because of the thickness.

Then there is the question of which is best when it comes to stone coated steel roofing vs standing seam roofing? After reading and researching, it is hard to deny that a stone coated steel roof will outlast the conventional asphalt roofing material for any residential structure. Any type of metal roofing offers a longevity which makes it the dominant choice for many homeowners and commercial structure owners today. 

When aesthetics are the priority,  stone coated steel roof material will beat the standing seam metal roof every time. There are other disadvantages to standing seam metal roofing too that makes the stone coated steel roof the first choice for most home and commercial structure owners: 

  • Oil canning – ripples and waves before, during, and  after installation. 
  • Contraction and expansion – constant change in the temperature can cause the fasteners of standing seam metal roof to come loose. 
  • Color matching – any replacement panels to standing seam will be difficult to match the color.
  • Corrosion – improper installation will result in ponding water, leading to corrosion and rust. 
Stone coated steel roofing system

 Can you walk on stone coated steel roof?

Walking on stone coated steel roof has a high-level rating!  Yes, you can walk on a stone coated steel roof and the walkability score is increased based on the installation method using the right stone coated steel tools. Discuss the different installation methods with your roofing contractor that will provide that increase in walkability. 

When you consider all things in this article, the pros outweigh the drawbacks for installing a stone coated steel roof. The number one benefit for any homeowner or commercial structure owner is knowing that this will be the last roof you’ll ever have to budget! Call 281-300-4363 today for your stone coated steel roofing needs.