Roof Flashing Repair

Metal Flashing

Metal Roof Flashing Lasts Longer and Provides Great Leak Protection.

At Andy Nichols Roofing, we deliver comprehensive roof flashing repair and replacement work. A crucial part of a properly-built roof, flashing protects uncovered areas including seams, vents, valleys, and edges. Your home's gutters are an important part of your home's drainage setup, but your flashing plays an important role in sending the water to your gutters. Problems with your flashing can be discouraging, but our professionals are here to help!

Flashing is responsible for directing rainfall as a component of the roofing’s drainage structure. Because of its role in the drainage system, deteriorated flashing becomes especially critical to service. As rain gushes down, degraded flashing directs it to the vulnerable areas to drain into the roof’s interior. Your needs for roof flashing repairs in Houston, TX can be entrusted to Andy Nichols Roofing. Call us right away at 281-300-4363 for any issues or questions.

Flashing Repair Signs

If you see any of these signs, do not delay to call our team and schedule flashing maintenance. Since deteriorated flashing renders a roof vulnerable to water leaks, it will create a need for much more expensive fixes or restoration services later on.

Age: Roofing cement or tar might have acted as flashing in old residences. When these materials start to degrade, the owner of the house will want to schedule maintenance. To reveal whether the flashing has gotten old past its life expectancy, set aside time for a review. When we render maintenance, our team employs first-rate metal to build a home’s flashing protection.

Rust or Corrosion: Metal flashing can also require replacement, eventually. It’s time for restoration if you’ve observed that your flashing has started to rust. Flashing that has become sensitive to water can no longer accomplish its purpose. As rust continues, it will over time corrode the flashing to the state where it does nothing at all.

Roof Leaks: Leakage in your home can easily happen from flawed or improperly installed flashing. Because its function in the roof’s drain system, parts of your flashing may be susceptible to leaks if they have started to deteriorate. Flashing has a sole objective: to guard your roofing’s susceptible areas from harm. If leaks are being funneled into your roofer, you should schedule roof flashing repairs as soon as possible.

Metal Flashing

Make Sure You Call Your Local Roofer Quickly if You Spot Rusting Flashing.

Your Expert Source for Flashing

Should you hold any concerns with roof flashing repairs in Houston, TX, you can contact us at 281-300-4363. Our technicians will render a total review of your flashing to reveal compromised components, then do repairs or installation as necessary. We act as the nearby leaders for all your flashing necessities. Roofing leaks should be attended to quickly, as they can impact your insulation, ceiling, walls, and the roof itself. Make sure you contact our team as soon as possible if your flashing is allowing water inside your home; we’ll send an experienced roofer to provide emergency repairs.