Synthetic Tile Installation

Synth Tiling

There are Numerous Styles to Choose From; Enjoy Finding Your Unique Synthetic Tile!

Roofing tiles can be an exceptional way to add dimension, strength, and protection to your home. However, it can also add weight and cost to your roof. Synthetic tile roofing can provide the same beauty and protection of traditional tiles, but without the heavy weight and substantial cost. Call 281-300-4363 to learn more about the advantages of a synthetic tile installation in Houston, TX, or to schedule your roof evaluation.

Benefits of Synthetic Tile Installation

Synthetic tiles come in multiple types of materials including rubber, acrylic, PVC, and fiberglass, and can outlast many types of roofs. Synthetic tiles offer resistance from extreme weather including rain, hail storms, and snow, and protect against UV rays and wind damage. They can also be completely recycled at the end of their life, making them an environmentally friendly option. If you’re searching for a durable roofing material, this is certainly a great choice.

These tiles are much lighter weight than their traditional tile counterparts and can be installed easily without any bracing or reinforcement. This takes the strain off of your house structure, helping it last longer. Once installed, these tiles can last upwards of 50 years which is significantly longer than traditional asphalt shingles. In summary, you’ll enjoy a stronger, lighter, and safer roofing system (plus an eye-catching style) with synthetic tiles! 

Professional Installation by Andy Nichols Roofing

Installing New Synth Material

Careful Installation Will Ensure That Your Roof is Leak Proof and Protected from Pests.

At Andy Nichols Roofing, we strive for excellence with every installation we complete. We inspect your current roofing system and offer viable solutions for your roof. Our experts can help you make knowledgeable product choices by delivering details such as cost, performance, and longevity to guarantee you are completely satisfied with your finished product.

When you are looking for a new roof, synthetic tile delivers substantial protection along with beauty and style that can’t be beaten. They can deliver exquisite beauty and charm along with superior protection and resistance. Call 281-300-4363 to learn more about the advantages of synthetic tile installation in Houston, TX, or to schedule your consultation.