Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Material

Impact Resistant Shingles Can Handle Hail Strikes Up to 90mph! That’s Serious Durability.

Maintaining the defense of your house is your number one concern as a homeowner, and quality roofing is key to leaving your home in great shape. At Andy Nichols Roofing, our team works diligently to ensure we can provide roofing solutions that match the quality you strive for in your home. If you have ever experienced bad weather, you know that your roofing can really take a beating, especially from hail. If your home’s roof is created from traditional shingle, it’s very possible that hail storms can leave your roof needing extensive repairs. Thankfully, impact resistant shingles in Houston, TX are a great alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. Call our team at 281-300-4363 to learn more!

Impact Resistant Shingles

As you likely guessed from the name, impact resistant shingles are a specially designed kind of roofing material that can withstand impact from hail or similar debris. Your roofing can be harmed if hail strikes your shingles with enough force, because ordinary shingles crack upon impact, clear through to the fiberglass mat underneath. Defending your roofing during a hailstorm is much easier with impact resistant shingles, however, since they are designed to hold their shape without breaking even when struck with hail. There are several methods to test the durability of these hail proof shingles, but the primarily used test is performed with a two-inch steel ball, dropped from a height of twelve feet. A passing shingle will not display any signs of damage on the surface or the fiberglass backing.

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Impact Resistant Shingles Come in Many Colors, So You’ll Never Have to Settle.

At Andy Nichols Roofing, we pursue roofing protection very seriously, so we always want to supply the very best roof products for our customers. We believe that impact resistant shingles provide some of the best defense against hail for traditional roofing options. For additional information, contact us at 281-300-4363 and speak with one of our experts about our impact resistant shingles in Houston, TX and the surrounding towns. We proudly offer an extensive selection of residential roofing materials, and we even have residential metal roofing materials that can provide great resistance to hail and other damages. Regardless of what kind of roof system you’re searching for, our team is ready to help!