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Steel Rooftop

Steel Provides a Lightweight, Durable Shield Against Weather Damage, With Lasting Results.

If you are searching for a new, durable roofing option for a home or business, have you looked into steel roofing? Galvanized steel roofing boasts many of the traditional benefits you will find with other forms of metal roofing, but you can also expect the additional perk of a zinc coating, which will deliver additional durability to your roof. Among the steel roof options available, the best value is likely to come from your galvanized and galvalume varieties. If you’re interested in adding a steel roof to your structure, give our team a ring today at 281-300-4363. We’re professional providers of steel roof installation in Houston, TX as well as the surrounding areas, and we’re more than happy to supply you with an estimate, or merely more information!

Why Choose Steel Roofing?

With so many metal roof varieties to pick from, it can be difficult to determine which type will work ideally for your requirements. As luck would have it, you don’t have to determine the right option on your own, since all of our crew members can provide you a wealth of information about each of the roofing alternatives we offer. As we said previously, one of the primary perks recognized with steel roofing is in the zinc coatings.

Zinc coatings enable the metal to be more protected from weather conditions, along with aging. Corrosion is also uncommon with galvanized steel roofing, and the lightweight materials are great for the longevity of your building. Repairs are simple for steel roofing, while rarely needed, and it provides a noteworthy value per square foot, making it the premium option for expansive commercial or home roofs.

Steel Roofing

Steel is Slow to Show Signs of Aging, Such as Dulled Color, Making it a Great Long-Term Material.

Professional Steel Roof Installations And Repair

When you need a large selection of roofing options to choose from and you want an expert contractor for installation, Andy Nichols Roofing is the business you can rely on. Locating the perfect roof is certainly a priority, and our crew can work off of your budget as well as your requirements. Choosing your steel roof installation in Houston, TX is only a phone call away at 281-300-4363! We supply services this community can rely on, for big projects, minor projects, and anything in between, including repairs and replacements!