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Have you been researching efficient residential roof systems? While most often utilized on commercial structures, metal roofing is becoming increasingly more popular on homes in residential areas. Due to the variety of benefits a metal roof provides, not to mention the savings you can expect for the life of your roof, the initial price of installation is definitely worth the investment. Call our contractors at 281-300-4363 if your family is interested in reliable and expert metal roof installation in Houston, TX today! At Andy Nichols Roofing, we have been offering expert roofing services to our community for years, and we have the experience and expertise you need for your upcoming roof project!

Residential Metal Roof Installation Perks

Residential metal roofing systems are not only appealing and modern, but also exceptionally durable and efficient. Unlike popular belief, a metal roof installation won’t subject you to the noise of a tin roof system, as thanks to quality insulation, you will have a roof that is just as silent as a traditional shingle roof. A metal roof system is not just significantly tougher than a shingle roof system, but is also more resilient, promising up to 3 times more than the lifespan of a shingle roof system, with correct installation. Residential metal roofs also provide outstanding protection from extreme weather problems, as well as provide serious fire resistance. Due to natural aspects present with a metal roof, you can expect higher energy efficiency too, and protect the environment from shingle waste!

Reliable Metal Roof Services

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Find the Style of Metal Roofing That You Suits Your Unique Tastes and Style!

You might be intrigued to discover that not all metal roofing options look the same, meaning that you could even choose a metal roof style that mimics the look of a traditional asphalt shingle roof for a more subtle effect. To make benefits even nicer, a metal roof is a great choice for lowering your home’s energy bills and defending the environment. For a reliable metal roof installation in Houston, TX, give our professionals a call at 281-300-4363 today! Our crews are not only insured but also professionally licensed to make sure your home has qualified and capable hands working on it. Andy Nichols Roofing has been serving this community for a long time, and we look forward to serving your family!