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Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Metal Provides Ample Protection for Several Decades. Find Your Color and Style!

More often than not, corrugated metal roofs are associated with warehouses and other types of industrial buildings. But technology has brought us various advancements a long way. You are now able to have corrugated metal roof installation in Houston, TX for your house! Now with this being the case, there are still various types that are best suited for commercial roofs, but a professional roofer will be able to help you discern the residential roofing from the commercial. There are different kinds of corrugated metal roofs to pick from, but here we will talk about two of the most common types, U panel roofing and R panel roofing. Would you like to receive more information? Call 281-300-4363 now!

U Panel Roofs

U panel roofing is made with 26 gauge panels, but traditional metal roofs are three gauges smaller. In fact, these panels remain the favored pick for houses because they are easy on the eyes. Not to mention, U panels can be applied directly over the present shingles, making installation easy and efficient. You are also able to choose from a diversity of shades with these panels, which lets your corrugated metal roof installation flow seamlessly with the existing colors of your home.

R Panel Options

As for R panels, they are known for their nominal maintenance needs and resistance. An R panel roofing installation is expected to last for close to 50 years, and it can also be applied directly atop your shingles. Owners of commercial properties tend to decide on this one because of its rugged features, and now homeowners can get it for themselves too.

Corrugated Metal Roofing

Your Corrugated Metal Roofing Typically Comes in One of Two Types: R Panels and U Panels.

Experts in Metal Roofing

You have so much to gain when you decide to invest in a metal roof: decreased maintenance, durability, enhanced energy efficiency, just to name a few. But you should also know that metal roofing has its own incomparable visual appeal as opposed to more typical roofing materials, such as shingles. Thinking about upgrading your roof to metal? Andy Nichols Roofing is always here for you! When you’re ready to learn more about corrugated metal roof installation in Houston, TX, call us at 281-300-4363.