Improve Energy Efficiency with a Cool Roof

Choosing a Cool Roof

Reflective Roofing Slows the Degrading Effects of UV Radiation & Reduces Strain on Your HVAC System.

Are you having a difficult choosing a cool roof that’s right for your business? Or have you even heard of cool roofing? Either way, this energy-efficient roofing category offers alluring energy consumption and enhanced security that many homeowners and businesses find it hard to resist. Here’s a brief rundown on cool roofing to help you discover that perfect system!

What is a Cool Roof?

So what are people talking about when they say “cool roofing“? This literal term refers to roofing systems that maintain a lower surface temperature throughout the day compared to more traditional systems. This is achieved by reflecting a significantly higher percentage of sunlight and ultraviolet radiation away from the rooftop.

There are multiple avenues to creating a cool roofing system. First of all, businesses and homeowners can install UV ray resistant materials, such as metal roofing. For companies leaning towards a flat roof systems, almost any single ply membrane can be enhanced with cool roofing capabilities. White, silver, and lighter colored paints will provide the best results.

Rooftops can be further augmented with restorative coatings, which often provide the added benefit of mending cracks and abrasions. There are several styles of coating suitable for this purpose, though many enterprises favor urethane modified acrylic. You’ll want to talk with an expert about which coating will match your functional priorities.

Do Metal Roofs Save Energy?

While results will vary from roof to roof, metal generally provides fantastic energy savings as a cool roofing material. Paired with capable internal insulation, metal roofing provides incredible reflective capabilities, especially aluminum. Because metal is much more resilient against weathering and corrosion, the potential for leaks and insulation damage is also greatly reduced.

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