Modified Bitumen Roofing Installation

Modified Bitumen Roof

Modified Bitumen is Tear and Puncture Resistant, For Stronger Defense Against Weather and Foot Traffic.

The roofing contractors at Andy Nichols Roofing are ready to offer business clients operating in the Houston, TX community with modified bitumen roof work, including installations, repairs, and maintenance. For more than forty years, the modified bitumen roofing system has been a prominent roofing system for commercial structures that possess a sloped or flat roof surface. Our licensed roofers are able to assemble, renovate, and sustain APP and SBS modified bitumen roofs, enabling us to get our clients more selections for roofing assemblies and renovations. There are many roofing systems to choose between in terms of office buildings, but if you want a cost-effective, resilient, and adaptable roofing system, a modified bitumen system is the choice for you. Are you ready for a strong modified bitumen roofing system for your business structure? Call the expert roofers at Andy Nichols Roofing now at 281-300-4363 for optimal modified bitumen roofs in

Houston, TX.

Exceptional Modified Bitumen Roof Features

This tear and wear-resistant material offer wonderful benefits for savvy business owners. Those who select modified bitumen for their businesses can expect the following perks…

  • Great Affordability: Saving money is very important and we try to save wherever we can; fortunately, a modified bitumen roof is very affordable in terms of product expense and installation.
  • Lasting Roof Functionality: A modified bitumen roofing system will last up to 20 years due to its incredibly strong material and the reality that it doesn’t require a lot of roofing upkeep in order to perform correctly.
  • Seasonal Flexibility: A modified bitumen roof can be installed hot, cold, or torched and is able to look however you want, making it a very adaptable roofing system for commercial buildings.
  • High Resilience: Getting a sturdy roofing system is very important if you own an office building and modified bitumen roofs are substantially resilient, impervious to holes, breakages, and perfect for every environment you live in.

Contact for Professional Roofing Systems

Closeup of Modified Bitumen

Flexibility is Important in Roofing. Modified Bitumen Adapts to Seasonal Changes Very Well.

A fully performing roofing system only occurs if it is properly installed, and at Andy Nichols Roofing, our roofers are available to deliver modified bitumen roofing installations that are correctly handled the first time around. We are experts in modified bitumen systems, so we can provide installations that are long-lasting, high-quality, and offer your commercial structure more protection. We ensure that our modified bitumen roofing systems are assembled accurately by hiring certified roofers who have years of experience, and by using the best equipment and materials. If you want an expert roofing contractor who you are able to trust, you can depend on the roofing contractors at Andy Nichols Roofing. To schedule a consultation for modified bitumen roofs in Houston, TX, you can call our roofing professionals at 281-300-4363 for professional modified bitumen roof assemblies, repairs, and upkeep.