Built Up Roofing Installation

BU Roofing

Superior Durability Against Rain and Debris Make Built Up Roofing a Safe Investment.

When it comes to our structure’s roofing systems, we are always searching for a roofing system that is dependable, flexible, and incredibly durable. Having a reputation for being a reliable roof for commercial structures is key. Thankfully, built up roofs (asphalt and gravel roofing) have a lot of experience in providing reliable protection.

Built up roofing has been around since the 1870’s and thereafter, it has delivered amazing security to educational, medical, and different business buildings around the world. The roofing contractors at Andy Nichols Roofing are available to provide customers in the Houston, TX area with built up system assembly and additional roofing services that will have long-lasting protection against serious weather, outside elements, and roof damages. If your structure must be updated with a new roofing system, turn to the roofing contractors at Andy Nichols Roofing to handle your roofing requirements with our exceptional built up roofing in Houston, TX. All you have to do is call our roofing company today at 281-300-4363 to schedule an appointment.

Years of Protection with Built Up Roofing

Built up roofs have secured an unassailable reputation for stability across 140 years of use. No other commercial roofing material has a similar background to back up its assertions for longevity. Today, built-up roofs continue to be a common selection for commercial structures. As continued proof of built up roofing's longevity and resistance to inclement weather, fire, damaging winds, and tears, you cannot do better than this sustained use.

Much of a built up roof’s value has to do with the quality of its installation. Built up roofing's tiers of felt, tar bonds, and gravel will benefit from the expert installation of Andy Nichols Roofing. For each tier of felt, your roof has another layer of water defense, while tar holds the system together and gravel protects the top layer. Built up roofing continue to offer excellent protection for businesses, schools, and hospitals around the world. Andy Nichols Roofing installs built up roofs that pass the trials of time. Broad experience and practical skills allow for our team to provide customers with the ideal benefits for their investment for a built up roof.

Better Built Up Installation

BU Roofing

Built Up Roofing is Safe to Walk on, Making it Easier to Service Your Rooftop Appliances.

Built up roofing provides businesses in the Houston, TX region with a better roof, and the roofers at Andy Nichols Roofing are here to provide exceptional roof installations and services. With years of knowledge installing and sustaining built up roofing systems on churches, medical complexes, and many other structures, we are able to offer you built up roof installations that are high-quality, reliable, and durable. Our team can provide better built up roofing installations for two reasons.

  1. We only hire certified roofers, and…
  2. We only use exceptional roofing equipment and products to provide you a system with enhanced functionality.

Our built up roofing services feature assembling and upkeep, to ensure you get a quality roofing system that gives you the ideal security. Make the call now at 281-300-4363 when you need built up roof assembling in Houston, TX. Our roofing contractors are here to schedule an appointment to improve your roofing system right away.