Rubber Roof Coating Specialists

Applying a Coating

Even Durable Rubber Coatings Can Use Protection from UV Radiation.

Do you have a rubber or EPDM roof system on your commercial property? Damages on your rubber roofing can harm the integrity of your roof system, and leave your structure vulnerable to even more harm. If your roof isn’t in its best condition, you can either replace it for a hefty cost, or we can restore it for a fraction of that price. Our rubber roofing restoration process is done with top quality rubber roof coatings in a range of types. To talk to a professional roofer about rubber roof coating in Houston, TX, call the team at 281-300-4363!

Benefits of Rubber Roof Coatings

Rubber roof coatings, similar to other types of roof coatings, are recognized as extremely affordable and practical for roofing. Different roof coatings are more efficient for different roof varieties, which means roof coatings are not a one size fits all solution. For instance, a specific type of rubber roof coating is required if you have a vulcanized rubber roof system since vulcanized rubber is chemically resistant to most materials.

Though choosing the right materials can be tricky, once you have found them and the application is done properly, you can rely on your roof to last for another ten years. That means serious energy savings and delayed replacement expenses to boost your bottom line. Think about how much your business could save!

Vulcanized Rubber Roof

Certain Rubber Roofs Need Specialized Coatings, as Normal Ones Won’t Stick.

Choosing The Right Roof Coating

If returning your rubber roof to a working condition is your goal, ask us about rubber roof coatings. When you need the benefits of a new roof system but aren’t ready to buy a new roof system, roof restoration is a smart alternative. Application of a roof coating is speedy, efficient, and extremely affordable. To discover more, or to get started, contact our roofing experts at 281-300-4363 about rubber roof coating in Houston, TX. We’re always available to consult on your current roof system, so don’t delay. Get the assistance you need for your next roofing restoration project from our experienced roofers today!