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Industrial Roofs are Frequently Exposed to Chemical and Elemental Hazards, But Coatings Can Help!

The kind of business you conduct in your commercial structure will definitely play a part in the kind of roof solution you’ll need. Manufacturing facility roofs are prone to more routine wear and tear, simply due to the many rooftop appliances as well as vents that are used each day. If you own a facility roof, you will need to make sure your roofing is secured by top quality industrial roof materials. Since industrial roof systems are made with special materials, their roofing restoration requirements also call for special industrial-grade materials. The expert roofers at Andy Nichols Roofing can help you with industrial roof coatings in Houston, TX, so give us a ring at 281-300-4363 to get started!

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Are you curious about why commercial roof coatings and industrial roof coatings are so different? In a nutshell, industrial roof coatings are created to be far more durable than regular commercial roofing coatings, simply because industrial coatings are exposed to more potential hazards. Because of this reason, industrial roof coatings are especially weather and chemical resistant. Another essential feature of industrial roof coatings is the flexibility that allows them to conform perfectly around all of the seams and protrusions on the facility rooftop. Industrial roof systems use vents, fans, and exhausts all over the surface of the roof system, and each of those has the possibility to leak if the proper materials are not used to seal them.

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Installed properly, you can count on an industrial roof coating to not only extend the lifespan of your roof by up to 10 years but to also protect it from damage during that time. If you need the benefits of a new industrial roof, but you do not want to purchase a brand new roof, an industrial roof coating might be the most efficient option! Roof coatings also allow you to save money on roofing removal and dumping fees because the coatings can apply on top of your previous roof system. Our industrial roof coatings in Houston, TX are affordable, efficient, and a great option. Call our experienced industrial roof contractors now at 281-300-4363 to find out more!