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Home Renovations – Investing in Value and Savings

Home Renovations

Home Renovations Don’t Have to Be Huge to Add Incredible Value.

Whether your hunting for resell value or personal pleasure, home renovations offer some exciting chances to grow the value of your home. Knowing which improvements are currently most desired on the housing market is invaluable, but there are so many industry voices on the subject. To help you get started on your planning, here is a quick guide for your home renovations.

Are Home Renovations Worth It?

There are two key reasons for pursuing home renovations: improving home resell value and enhancing your personal enjoyment. While many improvements revolve around beautifying your property, there are numerous opportunities to augment functionality and efficiency around the house. To judge whether or not a particular project is worth the investment, you’ll have to answer a few personal questions, such as…

  • Can I recoup my expenses when I decide to sell?
  • Does this improvement create fewer or more costs down the road?
  • What do I personally stand to gain from this project?

If you can answer these questions (honestly), you’ll have a gauge on whether or not a project is right for you.

What Home Improvements Give You the Best Return?

When you’re looking for an immediate return on investment (via selling the house), it’s usually best to focus on small to mid-range improvement projects. While large projects help to establish long-term value, it’s the little things that really sell a property. Some of the best home improvements you can start with include updating your home’s external doors (the front and the garage), plus minor kitchen and bathroom improvements (cabinets, vanities, and toilets). Landscaping updates also score high on lists for improvements. Ware Fencing, a long-time fencing service in Fort Worth, TX, offers some great ideas in their blog on how to spruce up your landscaping. 

If you’re considering large scale projects for enhancing your personal enjoyment of your property, there are quite a few great possibilities. Updating your HVAC system appliances for better energy-efficiency can help you greatly reduce monthly energy-costs. Replacing the floors or windows is a fantastic way to shake up the lighting in your home.

Finally, upgrading your home decor with a premium roofing system is a great way to invest in the long-term value of your home. You can even stick with shingles if you prefer. There are several luxurious shingle materials on the market you can choose from, including…

  • Architectural Shingles (great for adding depth)
  • Impact Resistant Shingles (a powerful hail deterrent)
  • Metal Shingles (durable and lovely in design)

Get Your Estimate on Premium Roof Installation

Remember, home renovations don’t have to start big. Little changes can provide great value for your property! If you’re considering premium roof installation in Houston, TX, our team at Andy Nichols Roofing would love to help you plan it! Give our team a call at 281-300-4363 today!

Improve Energy Efficiency with a Cool Roof

Choosing a Cool Roof

Reflective Roofing Slows the Degrading Effects of UV Radiation & Reduces Strain on Your HVAC System.

Are you having a difficult choosing a cool roof that’s right for your business? Or have you even heard of cool roofing? Either way, this energy-efficient roofing category offers alluring energy consumption and enhanced security that many homeowners and businesses find it hard to resist. Here’s a brief rundown on cool roofing to help you discover that perfect system!

What is a Cool Roof?

So what are people talking about when they say “cool roofing“? This literal term refers to roofing systems that maintain a lower surface temperature throughout the day compared to more traditional systems. This is achieved by reflecting a significantly higher percentage of sunlight and ultraviolet radiation away from the rooftop.

There are multiple avenues to creating a cool roofing system. First of all, businesses and homeowners can install UV ray resistant materials, such as metal roofing. For companies leaning towards a flat roof systems, almost any single ply membrane can be enhanced with cool roofing capabilities. White, silver, and lighter colored paints will provide the best results.

Rooftops can be further augmented with restorative coatings, which often provide the added benefit of mending cracks and abrasions. There are several styles of coating suitable for this purpose, though many enterprises favor urethane modified acrylic. You’ll want to talk with an expert about which coating will match your functional priorities.

Do Metal Roofs Save Energy?

While results will vary from roof to roof, metal generally provides fantastic energy savings as a cool roofing material. Paired with capable internal insulation, metal roofing provides incredible reflective capabilities, especially aluminum. Because metal is much more resilient against weathering and corrosion, the potential for leaks and insulation damage is also greatly reduced.

Contact Us for Energy Efficient Roofing

Are you searching for an energy-efficient roofing system for your home or office? As you hunt for magnificent savings, make sure your final choice balances functionality with lasting protection. Feel free to chat with our cool roofing specialists at Andy Nichols Roofing about your upcoming project! You can reach our team at 281-300-4363. They’ll eagerly inform you about the best solutions on the market and help you with choosing a cool roof that fits your needs.

3 Roofing Systems for Incredible Protection

Hail Stones

When Your Roof Constantly Requires Repairs, It’s Time to Switch a Tougher Roofing Material.

Sometimes you just need something a little stronger than traditional asphalt shingles. In a climate like Houston‘s, frequent storms and the occasional hurricane are a way of life, one that you can plan for when it comes to protecting your home. Here are three durable roofing systems that can help your home beat the storm.

Tough Roof #1: Architectural Shingles

Also known as laminate shingles, this roofing material is layered in a way that makes them much more resilient against fierce winds. If your shingle roof has frequently experienced extreme wind speeds (up to 120 mph), this could be right for you! These shingles also come in many colors and textures to fit your design preferences.

Tough Roof #2: Impact Resistant Shingles

Hail damage is no joke. Considering the billions of dollars in damages suffered each year in the U.S., protection against hail is a valuable investment. That’s why many homeowners choose impact resistant shingles for their residence. These sturdy roofs can absorb hail strikes of up to 90 mph without issue; some insurance companies will even provide homeowner insurance discounts for homes with these shingles!

Tough Roof #3: Metal Shingles

It’s hard to beat metal when it comes to strength, resilience, or curb appeal. Once you’ve passed the higher material cost, you can typically expect up to 70 years of protection. 70 years! During these seven decades, you can enjoy low maintenance requirements, enhanced storm resilience, and some serious peace of mind. Nowadays, there are plenty of colors, shapes, and textures to choose from, so you can pick a metal shingle style that provides your own personal flair.

Which of these shingle enhancements catches your interest? For more information about these and other durable roofing systems, feel free to talk with our team at 281-300-4363.