How Architectural Shingles Can Prevent Roof Leaks

Laminate Shingles Above Lovely Gables

Architectural Roof Shingles Provide Much Stronger Protection Against Curling and Wind Damage.

It’s easy to see the appeal of three tab shingles. For one, they’re very cheap. When hail cracks a shingle or wind rips it off the roof, your local roofer can easily provide replacement shingles for the affected area. Three tab shingles also come in a wide variety of colors and textures, so you can style your roof after the rest of your home decor. If a 3-tab shingle roofing system lasts for the full 15 to 20 year estimated lifetime, tear off and replacement can typically be completed within a few days.

Unfortunately, 3-tab shingles come with quite a few challenges as well. That’s why many homeowners choose to install architectural asphalt shingles instead. These durable shingles last considerably longer than 3-tab shingles, and they feature several other alluring advantages. Today, we’ll break down the differences between the two types of roofing and answer to frequently asked questions about architectural shingles.

What are Architectural Shingles?

Also known by homeowners as “laminate shingles” or “dimensional shingles”, architectural shingles were first introduced in the 1970’s. This roofing material is a thicker variety of the traditional asphalt shingle, but it offers several distinct benefits. At the base of each shingle is a thick mat of fiberglass, which provides both added weight and stronger impact protection. Ingrained in a secondary layer of water-resistant asphalt are “ceramic-coated mineral granules”, which also grant a durable shield against debris.

What is the difference between architectural shingles and asphalt shingles?

3-tab shingles utilize a thin base mat and are generally arrayed in flat rows. The 3-tab clusters allow for simple installation and maintenance. Architectural roof shingles, on the other hand, utilize a special laminate coating to resist curling. Their thicker material and layered design also create a beautiful three dimensional appearance, providing some valuable curb appeal for your home. Both of these aesthetic elements also contribute to the roofing material’s durability, which leads into our next common question.

Do Architectural Shingles Last Longer?

In a word, yes. Architectural roof shingles feature a considerably more durable and leak-resistant design that make them much less susceptible to damage. As mentioned earlier, the average 3-tab shingle material lasts from 15 to 20 years. Laminate shingles, on the other hand, have an average lifespan of 24 to 30 years. High-grade versions can even last up to a decade longer.

Do Architectural Shingles Add Value for Your Home?

3-Tab Shingle Roofing

3-Tab Shingles Offer Fair Weather Protection, But They are Vulnerable to Heavy Winds.

The lengthy architectural shingles lifespan certainly stands out when compared with traditional roofing materials. The resulting value added to your home depends on two key factors, however: a comparison with other houses in the neighborhood, and the condition of your roof. If most other homes in your neighborhood feature simple asphalt shingles, your roof might stand out and provide a little extra value. Newly installed dimensional shingles are obviously worth more than roofing that will soon require replacement. Aging shingles in a neighborhood full of architectural shingle roofs will usually not provide any additional value during your home’s assessment.

Why Architectural Shingles Win Over 3-Tab

Design, appearance, and price all play an important role in purchasing process. All these factors however, pale in comparison with personal safety. Do architectural shingles provide stronger physical and financial protection for your family? Yes, they do.

The special laminate adhesive and the more durable materials used in architectural shingles supply notably stronger defense against potential leaks and wind damage. In fact, many laminate shingles can withstand wind speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. That force would typically curl and (eventually) rip off normal 3-tab asphalt shingles, leaving the underlying roof exposed to expensive water damage. Anyone who’s gone through the headache of mold removal or flood restoration knows how crucial it is to keep excess moisture out of your home. Fewer instances of damage also leads to lower overall repair costs as well for architectural roof shingles.

In summary, there are several clear advantages that architectural shingles provide over 3-tab:

  • Stronger weather protection (wind, rain, and hail)
  • Longer average lifetimes
  • Better aesthetic design
  • Fewer maintenance and repair costs
  • More convincing cost-effectiveness

What Can I Do About My Current Roof?

Impact-Resistant Architectural Shingles

Laminate Shingles Come in a Vast Array of Colors and Textures for Your Design Pleasure.

If you own a healthy 3-tab shingle roof, there’s no need to immediately tear off and replace it! Enjoy and care for your current roofing system as long as possible. The time will eventually come when age or accumulated weather damage will require you to replace your rooftop. When your roof expires, strongly consider switching to architectural roof shingles or another premium roofing material. The added peace of mind alone is worth the investment, but you’ll certainly appreciate the other great benefits.

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