Why is My Flat Roof Leaking?

Flat Roof Repair Services


Flat roofs have difficulty draining water, which can lead to water pooling, leaks, and more.

Unlike a pitched roof, a flat roof does require more attention and maintenance. Because of their design, flat roofs don’t drain water as easily, which can lead to water pooling, leaks, and more. Regular inspections and maintenance can help prevent these issues, but sometimes things really do just happen. When you are in need of flat roof repairs, you don’t want to contact just anyone. Andy Nichols Roofing has years of experience with commercial and flat roofing needs. For flat roof repair in the Houston, TX area, contact us at 281-300-4363.


Flat Roof Repair or Replace

When dealing with a flat roof, it can be difficult to know which is best: repair it or replace it? Depending on the extent of any damage, repairs may be the best option. That being said, if there more than enough damage, then a complete replacement may be in order. To understand this, it’s important to schedule an inspection with an experienced and reputable roofing company. Andy Nichols Roofing is that team for you. We are experienced in commercial roofing, including performing inspections of flat roofs. Contact us today, 281-300-4363, to schedule an appointment.

As it is, in most cases, repairs are really all that is needed. Replacement is for the situations when the condition of the roofing material, as well as the roofing structure, are compromised. If you and your roofer decide that repairs are the best option for your commercial roof, there are several options available to you.

Flat Roof Repair Options

Repairs are often needed after a leak is found, but it can often be difficult to understand what is actually causing the leak. With a thorough inspection, a representative with Andy Nichols Roofing can determine where the leak is originating from.

Reasons for a flat roof leak

  • Ponding water: Flat roofs typically do not have the best water drainage, which can lead to

    Andy Nichols Roofing has years of experience with commercial and flat roofing needs.

    water pooling and ponding. Since it has nowhere else to go, water can seep into cracks and broken seams, causing leaks.

  • Damaged roofing membranes: Roofing membranes can be easily damaged if the building is in harsher conditions than what the material can sustain. This damage can mean that leaks and water damage may occur more frequently.
  • Damaged/aged flashing: There still needs to be some kind of drainage for any roof, including a flat roof. That drainage is done through flashing, which can just as easily be damaged and experience aging. If flashing has been deemed inoperable, then water will not drain and can lead to potential leaks.
  • Broken seams: With aging and damage, any seams on a flat roof can break and split, creating easy access for water to seep in, causing leaks and water damage.
  • Age: Sometimes the reason for a leak just comes down to the age of a roof. The older a roof, the more outdated and damaged a roof may be. This can lead to the issues of leaks, water damage, and more.

Whatever the reason is, there are still many options to actually repair your flat roof using materials like:

  • Modified bitumen
  • TPO
  • EPDM
  • PVC
  • SPF, Spray Foam Coating

Almost all options listed above are great for repairs or full replacements of flat roofs. They offer the feature of having minimal to no seams, which reduce a reason for leaks, especially when installed correctly. And Depending on your needs, you may have the option to choose between a flat roof repair and restoration. Either option will be cheaper than a complete replacement if that is something you are considering. Choosing to repair or restore your flat roof can help you to save money to be used elsewhere, like to maintain or repair your businesses central heating system.

Frequently Asked Options

  • Is a flat roof covered by insurance?
    • Yes, flat roofs are covered by insurance. If you are concerned about coverage or your coverage options, that is something to discuss with your insurance provider.
  • How much does it cost to repair a flat roof?
    • Depending on the size of the roof and the extent of repairs needed, business owners should expect to pay between $2,000 and $4,000 for flat roof repairs.
  • Is a leaking roof an emergency?
    • Leaks are not always catastrophic, but they can be indicators of bigger problems. So any leak should be treated as an emergency to prevent further damage.
  • Do flat roofs leak more?
    • Because a flat roof is just that, flat, it is much less likely able to drain water than a pitched roof. That puts flat roofs at a higher risk of leaking, but it does not mean that they will leak more than a pitched roof. Leaks can be caused by a number of things, including damage and poor installation.
  • How often does a flat roof need to be replaced?
    • Most flat roofs can last anywhere from 10-25 years, with proper installation and regular maintenance. A roof can be replaced at any time, but around the 10-year mark is a good time to consider replacing your flat roof.

Contact Your Local Experts

With proper installation, regular maintenance and repairs will still be necessary for a flat roof.

Flat roof repairs can and should be quick, efficient, and reliable. When you choose to work with Andy Nichols Roofing, that is exactly what you get. Contact Andy Nichols Roofing today, 281-300-4363, for flat roof repair leak services in the Houston, TX.